Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Stage Too Good To Overlook...

We are moving rapidly toward...

An Actual Guitar

Bruce removes clamps from kerfing

Bruce and I had lunch downtown with some folks considering another project we will be working on and I dropped by his house on the way home to Evanston to listen to some fine music and check on the progress on the buildmyguitar.blogspot.com effort. As you can see, it's really starting to look like the insides of a fine guitar. And the kerfing effort is the last stage before the top and bottom are glued into place.

Here's what the guitar looks like out of the frame:

The finely cut kerfing around the inside edge creates a little flat platform Bruce will use to put the top and bottom in place. It was nice of Bruce to take the guitar out of the frame for me (usually, once it goes into the frame in this part of the process, it stays.

We checked it all out and then shifted it back into its temporary home to get ready for the next step.
But before we did that, we played with it a little bit, balancing it on his workbench to give you an idea of how the back fits and how the top will look.

Bruce still has some planing to do before we can get this elegant little sapele box in shape. We're getting closer and closer to the end product (except we have to do the neck, which is a challenge.)

Stay tuned.


  1. This is sure enlightening. Who ever thinks about the skill and work, care and patience it takes to create a guitar? all most of us think of is "that's a really great song" never thinking about why it sounds so good. And what a beautiful instrument to own. A lovely piece of art. LUCKY DOG!!!!

  2. Look's a little small for you, perhaps you should give it to your little sister !! LOL.. What fun, you will do it justice, beautiful!

  3. Aaaah Charley you lucky duck. Thanks for the education as well... happy Easter to Bruce. How gracious of him to lead you trough his process.